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HI! We are the Kurtis & Dayana, the owners of Splendor Oaks! We consider ourselves experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts, animal & nature lovers, but ultimately creative dreamers & happy hosts! Located in Canton, Georgia we have taken a slice of land near Lake Allatoona and turned it into a creative collaborative to foremost raise our sons, Joshua & Reider,  but also to share it with the world.


  Upcycling in any way possible, the “fixer upper” farm features an organic flowers & veggies, honey bee apiary, culinary & medicinal mushroom cultivation, multi-purpose greenhouse, and barnyard full of free-range chickens, ducks, snuggly goats, and one peachy pig! “How-to” classes on all modern homesteading ventures are offered seasonally such as Chicken Tending 101, Basics in Bees, and many more! Private farm tours and chartered boating excursions on Lake Allatoona are exclusively available only guests staying in our overnight accomodations! After completing our own school bus conversion, we opened a “DIY Project Pitstop” to provide fellow DIYers with a build site and tool access to knock-out big projects on bus, van and RV conversions; however we have taken a pause on the Pitstop to direct our energies towards growing our specialty cut flowers!!  


  Our purpose is to change the world one genuine connection and/or project at a time. Our hope is to create an environment where everyone feels “at home” and can believe that their dreams are possible with hard work, a collaborating community, and lastly, perseverance & prayers, after all that is how our personal story has unfolded! We hope to share more of our real life "ups & downs" around a bonfire or dinner table with you about how, time and time again, we have seen beauty come from ashes …and YES, that’s how the smiley dog above (Ash) got her name!


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