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Multipurpose flowering crop.

Most commonly seeded in mass plantings, or as an annual cover crop with nectar-rich blooms to attract and support beneficial and pollinator insects. An excellent, fast-growing, easy-to-grow source of nectar for honeybee forage. Tolerant of low water conditions and poor soils. Used as a cover crop, will winterkill at 18°F (-8°C) — residue breaks down relatively quickly. Furled, lavender-colored flowers with tall, sturdy stems are sometimes used as a cut flower, adding a casual, wildflower look to bouquets. Also commonly known as bee's friend, lacy phacelia, blue tansy, purple tansy, and lacy scorpion-weed. Relative of borage and native to the United States and Mexico.  40 ct.


  • Plant Height: 30–40"

Phacelia Seed

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