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During the build out of our Stay Bird Bus, it became evident there is a need amongst the tiny-living community for a safe build site with extensive tool access. Very soon after, the farm became the host home to rigs in all stages of conversion. Tiny homes on wheels, of all formats including buses, vans, & RVs, are able to build out their dream homes amongst fellow creatives alike while living full-time on the homestead!  Minimum stay is one week and rates start at $250. Discounted monthly rates are available depending on length of stay. Conversion consultations are available on site as well as via video call for DIY builders nationwide.

Inquire directly via email :


"Stay here!!! You will not be disappointed. If you are looking for community, or if you want a space to yourself, this is an amazing place to be. Everything about this family and location is welcoming, relaxing, and encouraging. These are truly genuine people."

~Annette, @beautifulstrength_bus


"How to complete the transition for the roof raise was a problem spot in our bus and we left it blank until the perfect answer came to us... put a plant on it! I reached out to Plant Lady Dayana for guidance on what would work and she ran with the idea. Ever the queen of repurposing, she found a leftover crate, cut it in half, and fitted it into place so everything could ride securely. Next, knowing that I would never remember to water anything, she picked out plants that would thrive in jars of water... cutting my plant maintenance down to just a once-a-month refill. She added support hooks and our new plants into what has grown to be the focal point in our home. Everyone who comes on board loves it and we do too!



"I arrived after dark and awoke to a peachy pig at my door and then I almost never left! 5 months of projects on my rig and tons of memories with these amazing humans, who I now call family, it took me a while to start the bus back up to actually leave. I know if I ever need a place to call home, that the Cagle crew and my favorite goat, Jada, will always welcome me back!"

~Denise, @theskooly

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